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Welcome to Berit - Promise, Covenant

Contemporary society is rapidly changing. One finds that in the span of just one night an influx of vast amounts of new information has rendered yesterday’s information obsolete. In order to adjust to such rapidly transforming times, one must continue to develop oneself by engaging in lifelong education. At Berit, we seek to meet such needs by developing a variety of educational content.But if there is one thing that is more important than keeping abreast of new information, it is to attain the eternally unchanging Truth. Our institution will provide various content that will offer you a means to come in contact with such Truth. The word Beirt is a Hebrew word which means “covenant” or “promise.” It was often used to express God’s promises. Human promise is always susceptible to change; but God’s promise is unchanging. It is our hope that you will attain to the eternal Truth of God’s promises at this institution. With diligence and integrity, we pledge to give our very best in providing quality lifelong education to everyone around the world.