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  • The Transfer Course for M.Div. program isa transfer course designed for individuals who have acquired a master’s degree in Biblical Studies (M.B.S.) and want to dedicate one’s life to the calling of a minister. This program will prepare students for pastoral ministry as ministers, missionaries, and evangelists.
  • Program
    • Transfer Course for M.Div.
  • Academic Terms
    • 1 year (3 trimesters)
  • Admission Requirements
    • M.B.S. degree from Berit or master’s degree from other seminaries
  • Academic Requirements for Completion
    • 30 credit hours or more
    • 6 credit hours from a choice of thesis or graduation alternative courses
  • Benefits upon Graduation
    • With completion of a total of 30 credit hours or more and a choice of a dissertation or graduation alternative courses(6 credit hours), the student is qualified for graduation.
    • The graduates who have passed the pulpit license exam conducted by the Presbyterian Church of Korea are eligible for ordination as a pastor.
      (If the student has not acquired a bachelor’s degree (B.A.), then he/she must earn the required credit hours.)
    • The student is eligible for the Doctor of Biblical Studies (D.B.S.) or Ministry (D.Min.) programs.
  • If you have any further questions, please call the number below.
  • Phone : +82-2-2678-6464 (Berit Admissions Representative)
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